(raw) 3-ingredient strawberry chia jam

My dad recently has been trying to lay-off the carbs due to our family's history with diabetes. 

This can be quite difficult because of his major sweet-tooth. I felt it'd be best to first endeavor upon creating a low-carb jam that would be just as delicious on his morning toast.

This jam is raw, has no-sugar-added, and is only three ingredients. That's right THREE. The simplicity is wonderfully astounding.


Note: this is NOT your traditional jam, but still tastes lovely! The chia adds a bit of a nutty tone.


1 12-oz bag organic frozen strawberries

2 heaping tablespoons (ground) chia seeds

drops of liquid stevia (to taste)


Take bag of strawberries out from the freezer and set on the counter.

Grind chia seeds in a spice grinder, coffee grounder, or (as I used) nutribullet. (I tried to in the food-processor, but it was too large for the tiny seeds.)

Add entire bag of strawberries to a food processor along with the ground seeds. Add a few drops of liquid stevia. Pulse together. You can continue pulsing until it's almost pureed, or as I prefer, keep it chunkier with larger bits of strawberry. If you puree completely, the spread will be more of a jelly than jam.

If you're having a really hard time with the mixture, you can add a teensy bit of water. Once you've reached your desired consistency, taste spread, and add additional drops of stevia to your liking.

Empty spread into jars, and place in the fridge, so the chia congeals.


And voila! You now have a delicious, no-sugar-added, low-carb, 100% natural strawberry jam.