tacos + air

After a somewhat hectic day, I felt I needed to do something for myself. I sat in my car driving around (to nowhere) for a good ten minutes as I tried to put my finger on what that could possibly be. I realized I had to pick up some things from the grocery store for the week. As I wandered through the aisles it became clear: just make dinner.

I find cooking, sharing, and enjoying nourishment with those who I love to be some of the best medicine when I'm feeling a bit down. What better an opportunity than to satisfy my craving for tacos?

To cut to the chase, apologies there is no "real" recipe to this post, but I am more than happy to share my process.


First was lighting the coals on the grill, as I've come to learn, that if you have the choice, coal is always MUCH tastier than gas when it comes to grilling.


I prepped my chicken breasts by cutting them into slightly smaller pieces (so they would cook evenly) and rubbing them with taco mix.


After setting those on the grill, I opened up a can of black beans and put them on the the stovetop with a little bit of water. Following, I took a stunning avocado from the Farmers Market and sliced it up, and after placing a bit of pico de gallo (from Trader Joe's) into a bowl.


After the chicken was cooked through, I put the pieces on a plate and then covered with tinfoil, and heated up the corn tortillas on the grill.

The best part however, sharing the lovely fresh air and home-cooked food with my favorite my two favorite parental units