3 ingredient watermelon-mint sorbet

As you can probably tell by now, I am a huge Farmers' Market fan. Yet, it's summer. This leads to the big watermelon conundrum. I could either spend a relatively obscene amount for a delicious melon, or get an organic, just as fresh one for a much better price at my local Whole Foods. At the insane rate in which watermelon gets consumed in my house, I end up opting for the latter.

As summer winds down, I'm just trying to squeeze every little bit of fresh wonder out of these warm days. My result was this palate cleanser: watermelon-mint sorbet. If you'd like it as more of a dessert, I would suggest adding a bit of agave or simple syrup. And yes, somehow the color of the sorbet is completely untouched.

3 ingredient watermelon-mint sorbet

original recipe


1 small or ½ large watermelon (yields about 9 cups of purée)

1 packed tablespoon fresh mint, chopped

1 tablespoon vodka (or lemon juice - see notes)

Cut watermelon into smaller chunks. Deseed to your best ability. (see notes)

Purée chunks in food processor, in batches. Combine purée batches into one large bowl. If there are some larger pieces still left over after your "done", purée one more batch with only those pieces.

Add chopped mint and vodka and stir to fully incorporate. Put mixture into an ice cream machine and follow according to machine's instructions. Freezing time can vary.

You will most likely end up with some extra purée. I have yet to try it, but I believe the mixture would be very delicious in some sort of end-of-summer drink.


The vodka is used to keep the sorbet from seizing when frozen. Lemon juice will do the trick as well; I just find vodka to be a bit more productive.

Some alternatives to de-seeding: 

buy a seedless watermelon 

strain purée (I didn't want to lose the texture of the pulp)