homemade (slightly) sweet + spicy almond butter

I feel nut-butters are something not often given much thought. Choices at the store tend to range from that jar of natural honey-almond butter upwards of $10 or a slightly less-expensive jar including ingredients such as "corn maltodextrin" and "other natural flavors." 

So why not just make your own?

Almond butter is relatively easy, but aside from a food processor it does require one major component: patience. I've attempted almond butter in the past, only to be left disappointed with almond "meal" or "dust" and desperately adding oil in the hopes of making it emulsify. All I can tell you is that it takes time. Lots and lots of time. And just when you are about to give up hope for the umpteenth time, you will get a nice nut butter.


honey-cinnamon almond butter

inspired by this and this


3 cups raw almonds

1 tablespoon local honey

2 teaspoons cinnamon

½ teaspoon salt

Place almonds into a large frying pan. Set over heat constantly mixing the almonds on the stovetop. Once the almonds start "crackling" and are smelling (for lack of a better word) "nutty" remove from heat. Allow almonds to cool.

Assemble food processor. Add almonds and blend for 15 minutes, periodically scraping down the sides every 2-3 minutes. If nuts have not emulsified by 15 minutes, THIS IS COMPLETELY OKAY, mine took about 17 first time around.

Once desired consistency has been reached stir in honey, cinnamon and salt. If desired you can do this in the food processor as well, but you will most likely end up having to re-emulsify your butter (another 10-15 in the processor).

You now have a homemade delicious slightly sweet + spicy almond butter. The only thing to do now is grab a slice of your favorite bread (homemade or otherwise), lather it up, and enjoy!